TPU hotmelt adhesives

TPU hotmelt adhesives are mostly polyurethanes based on polyester (UV stabilized Polyether based TPUs are available on request).

The melting ranges of the abifor® TPU’s are in the range of 60°C to 180°C with different viscosities. The bond fail temperatures are clearly below the melting ranges.

In general the adhesion properties of the TPU adhesives are excellent and show good bonding to various substrates and surfaces.

TPU powder

Mostly TPU powders are used for technical applications and for car parts applied by scatter coating. 

Main Applications of abifor® TPU powder are leather bonding, technical bonding of every description, technical laminates with high bond fail temperature, e.g. for automotive parts and surface coating of conveyor belt with FDA approved qualities.

abifor®  TPU powders can be classified in the following grain size distributions:

 -       0 –100 my; 0 – 200 my; 0 - 300 my; 100 - 400 my; 100 -500 my; 200 – 600 my

TPU webs and TPU nets

TPU webs and nets are used in the textile industry for textile tapes. In the automotive industry TPU webs are used for bonding of open-cell materials like foams, nonwovens as well as heavy layers (bitumen).

TPU films

TPU films are used in the textile industry. Main applications are for homogeneous bondings which require an even adhesive surface or a very thin bonding slit. Their good adhesion is required in the leather industry.