LDPE Hotmelt adhesive

LDPE is a hotmelt which is produced following the „high pressure“ process.
abifor® LDPE powder can reach a laundry resistance from 30°C up to 40°C. This fact makes LDPE very attractive for the garment industry. 

LDPE Hotmelt powder

Non woven materials coated with LDPE powders with MI 70 and Mi 180 can be fused at temperatures of 120°C to 140°C. That means, such interlinings could be also fused by hand ironing. For easy bonding in the technical field, without any specific properties, LDPE with MI 70 is normally used. In general these LDPE-powders are coated by scatter coating. As an exception, LDPE-powder is used for powder point coating of collar interlinings.

The following LDPE powders are available:

  • for scatter coating:               0 - 200 my; 0 - 300 my; 100 - 400 my; 100 - 500 my

  • for powder point coating:    0 - 100 my; 0 - 200 my