EVA Hotmelt adhesive

Co-polymerisates of ethylene based products consisting vinyl acetate from 19% up to 45% are leading to raw materials for the powder production with interesting properties. Abifor Ltd. offers a wide product range of EVA adhesive with different VA contents and various melt indices. 

EVA Hotmelt powder

EVA hotmelt powders are very good suitable for low temperature bonding of less than 90°C as well as for short pressing time and low pressure.

The resistances of these EVA powders are limited, and are restricted to a laundry resistance of max.40°C, corresponding to the grade.

For technical applications these EVA-powders are normally applied by means of scatter coating process. For very special applications the powder point coating is needed.

abifor® EVA powders are produced in different grain size distributions for the various application systems:            

-       For powder point coating:   0 - 100 my; 0 - 200 my

-       For scatter coating:              80 - 300 my; 100 - 400 my; 100 - 500 my; 200 - 600 my; 400 - 800 my


EVA webs and nets

EVA webs and EVA nets are also used for different technical laminates in the automotive and construction industry; mainly for open-cell bonding with foams, nets and EVA nonwovens.

EVA films

EVA films are used in the textile, automotive and construction industry. Main applications are technical laminates for ultra fine materials or for very sensitive substrates like paper or film.