Abifor AG comes into new hands!

Abifor AG comes into new hands!

• The future of Abifor AG is regulated.
• Abifor AG remains an independent, owner-managed company.
• Despite the difficult Covid-19 situation, the new "team" is starting with great vigour.
• Adhesive solutions are the core competence of Abifor AG.

The long-standing main shareholder and CEO of Abifor AG, Dr. Rolf Wickihalter, has arranged his succession and sold his shares. From now on, with retroactive effect from 01.01.2021, Messrs. Peter Hinder and Markus Kohlhof will take over 100% of Abifor AG. Peter Hinder has a wide range of practical experience in the financial sector and Markus Kohlhof has been with Abifor AG for almost 10 years. Markus Kohlhof has significantly contributed to the success of Abifor AG and thus ensures continuity in the company.

This step ensures entrepreneurial autonomy and independence for a secure future of Abifor AG. As an owner-managed company, Abifor AG will continue to be successfully operate with two locations, in Switzerland and Germany, respectively.

A proven team consisting of Peter Hinder (CEO), Markus Kohlhof (COO), Stefanie Simschek (CFO) and Meinrad Blattert (CPO) will lead the company to further success with innovations, high-quality products, and customer-oriented service. The positioning as an independent, innovative solution provider for adhesive compounds is maintained.

Dr. Rolf Wickihalter will leave the company as an active, operational manager in February 2021, but will remain available for a certain period in an advisory capacity. We would like to thank him for his commitment in the many years since he took over the company and wish him lots of joy, health, and satisfaction for the new phase of his life.

We look forward to continuing our good and fruitful cooperation with you and thank you in advance for your trust.

Abifor AG

Contacts for queries:

• Dr. Rolf Wickihalter, rolf.wickihalter(at)abifor.com
• Peter Hinder, peter.hinder(at)abifor.com
• Markus Kohlhof, markus.kohlhof(at)abifor.com