Key Informations

Adress/tax numbers


Abifor AG
Luegislandstr. 31, Postfach 25,
CH-8051 Zurich / Switzerland

VAT-No.: 232 822 (Switzerland)


Plant Germany:

Abifor AG
Untere Muehlewiesen 8
D-79793 Wutoeschingen / Germany

VAT-No.: DE 14 2827 533 
Tax-No.: 20001/10313

Legal form:

Abifor Ltd.; Joint-stock limited company based in Zurich/Switzerland;
Commercial Register No..: CH-107.795.588 (CR Canton Zuerich)
Chairman: Dr. Rolf L. Wickihalter
CEO: Dr. Rolf L. Wickihalter   

Bank Account

Abifor Germany 

Bank: Volksbank Klettgau-Wutoeschingen

EUR: 11 80 800
IBAN: DE 64 6846 2427 0001 1808 00

Abifor AG Zurich

Bank: UBS AG, CH-8098 Zurich;

CHF: 230 P5-622.404.0
IBAN: CH85 0023 0230 P562 2404 0

EUR: 230 P5-622.404.2
IBAN: CH31 0023 0230 P562 2404 2

USD: 230 EW102096.1 
IBAN: CH69 0023 0230 EW10 2096 1


General terms of delivery and payment

Here you find our GTC (pdf)


DUNS-Number (CH and DE)

The D-U-N-S® -Number  (Data Universal Numbering System) is a unique nine-digit identification sequence designed and maintained from Dun & Bradstreet. This Number allows to unequivocally identify a single business entity, while linking corporate family structure together.
In today’s global economy, the DUNS-Number. has become the standard for keeping track of the world’s businesses, used by more than 50 global, industry and trade associations, including UN, EC, U.S. Federal Government. The Volkswagen Ltd. has introduced the DUNS-No for its worldwide purchasing.

Abifor Ltd. Switzerland: DUNS-Nr. 48 046 2993  

Abifor Ltd. Germany: DUNS-Nr. 32 297 6739

Registered in the IMDS

The IMDS is the automotive Industry Material Data System. It is a joint development of the most car manufacturer like Audi, Daimler Chrysler, Fiat, Ford, Opel, Porsche, Volvo, Mercedes Benz, Peugeot, Renault, SAAB, Skoda, Seat and Volkswagen. Other car manufacturers intend to participate in IMDS.

In the IMDS, all materials used for car manufacturer are archived and maintained. Only in this way is it possible to meet the obligations placed on car manufacturers, and thus on their suppliers, by national and international standards, laws, regulations, environmental protection principles and recycling level requirements. The “VDA list for notifiable substances” is integral to the IMDS.

Abifor Ltd. has registered its automotive industry related products in the IMDS.